Promoting Regional Culture in Godlywood Studio

Mt Abu / Abu Road: As the essence of India lies in its diversity and unity in diversity being our motto, the Godlywood Studio promotes the rich and varied regional culture by bringing it into a common platform – This time its for and from South India.
Drenched in the rich and traditional culture of Tamilnadu,  the Godlywood Studio  shares the subliminal and beautiful dance form of Bharatnatyam – originated in the temples of Tanjaore – The beautiful set resembling a temple courtyard was designed by Tamil Dept. and created by the Godlywood TEAM inside the studio itself for our famous multilingual program “Divine Harmony”.
The songs on which the dances are performed portray the expressions of love and dedication of a devotee for Parmatma -the Supreme God- and the deities which have a  touch of spirituality that lifts the soul from mundane and help experience the divine.
These Dance performances will feature in our exclusive  “Om shanti channel” and many regional channels of Tamilnadu. (Pls see the attachment for details).
The credit goes to  Bro. Jaykumar and the TEAM of TamilDept. in organising and executing this program by bringing talents all the way from Tamilnadu. Thanks to the dancers B.K.Devipriya and B.K.Bhuvaneshwari for rendering soulful performance which won everyone’s heart.
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