Seminar on ‘Media for Social Transformation’ at Visakhapatnam (A.P.)


Visakhapatnam: The Media Wing of Brahmakumaris has organized a Seminar on Media for Social Transformation at Jalaudyanavanam at Visakhapatnam on 14th Dec 2016. A host of Media and PR related professionals have actively participated in this Seminar.

Chairman of Vizag Port Trust Sri M T Krishna Babu, Head of Journalism & Mass Communication. Andhra University, Sri Bobby Vardhan, Senior Journalist Sri Yugandhar Reddy, BK Sushant, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Delhi; BK Shantanu, Headquarters Coordinator, Media Wing,  Mount Abu, Sister BK Sarala, Zonal Coordinator, Media Wing, Hyderabad spoke on the occasion.

Speaking at the Seminar Chief Guest Sri M T Krishna Babu said that today Electronic Media is very powerful and both good & bad are being equally promoted.   Progress in any field has to benefit the society and Brahmakumaris are contributing to a great deal in this direction for benefitting the society. He added that this seminar is greatly beneficial to Media professionals.

Bk Sushant, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Delhi said Mass Media because of its global reach and access  has played, is playing and will continue to play a pivotal role in bringing  about visible changes in peoples’ lives and society. They can immensely contribute towards making society healthy, positive and progressive when media professionals themselves become empowered, healthy, positive and progressive through practice and promotion of spirituality and rajyoga meditation.

Bk Sarala, Zonal Coordinator, Media Wing, Hyderabad said media has to play a vital role in developing cordial relationship between each other and thereby bring peace and harmony. Brahmakumaris are extending all out support in providing Peace and Happiness and working greatly in giving relief to the  Media persons from their routine pressures of Stress and Strain.

Others who addressed  in this Seminar were Sister BK Shashikala, Rajyoga Teacher, Vishakhapatnam, BK Rameswari, Rajyoga Teacher, Vishakhapatnam,  BK Kedara Gowri, Director, Gyan Sagar Academy, Sri P L K Murthy, Secretary, PRSI, Sri Sharma, Sr Manager, PR HPCL.

Photo Caption:
Photo shows Bro. MT Krishna Babu, Chairman, Vizag Port Trust, Bro. Bobby Vardhan, Head, Journalism and Mass Communication, AU, Bro. Yugandhar Reddy, Senior Journalist, Bro. Sushant, National Coordinator, BKs, Bro. Shantanu, HQ Coordinator, Mt.Abu , Sister Sarala, Zonal Coordinator,Brahma Kumaris Media Wing, Sister Shashikala, Sister BK Rameswari and others.


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