The celebration of 75 years of India’s​ independence “Soul of India” – Washington DC, USA


Washington DC ( USA ): The celebration of 75 years of India’s independence “Soul of India” was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and get a glimpse of the world behind our eyes, the Soul.

In addition to the festivities that included dance performances, poetry recital, and Sitar performance, the heart and soul of the celebration, BK Jayanti, was divinely magnificent.

Right from BK Jayanti’s arrival at Om Shanti Village (OSV) that afternoon to her departure the same night to the UK, the atmosphere was power-packed spiritually. As she toured the property at OSV, enjoying the serenity, flora, and fauna, the niwassis (residents) had an additional glimpse of her loving, humble demeanor and her angelic presence that was very calm and soothing.

The evening program was moderated by BK Dr. Jenna. The event opened up with best wishes from Congressman Krishnamoorthi, expressed through a video and a letter from Senator Warner of Virginia. The beautiful Kathak dance performance by BK Aditi/Rishima and a stunning poem by BK Akshay was followed by a video on the ‘Soul of India’. To the delight of the attendees, the celebration continued with another dance performance by Sanah Panda, student of Arpita Sabud (The India School, Bethesda, MD), and a Sitar recital by the well known Sitar artist Sambarta Rakshit from the metropolitan area. 

The highlight of the event, a chat between BK Jayanti and BK Jenna, was extremely inspiring and spiritually stimulating. It gave the attendees time to reflect on their own spiritual growth and helped them raise their personal vibrational frequency and intimate connection to God. Sister Jayanti shared emphatically the importance of learning to love the self. Sister Jayanti concluded the program with a guided meditation and drishti that empowered, healed, and lifted the consciousness of many. From the voices of some participants…’we saw Krishna’…’I felt God’…. when Sister Jayanti shared peace from her eyes, it was a truly divine evening for the participants to believe that there is more work to be done to make this a better world.

On unlimited divine service, BK Jayanti made time to meet with VIPs at the end of the program in the green room. They were handed a peacock feathered blessing. They expressed their feelings about what they all can do to reveal the work and divinity of Brahma Kumaris.

The DC family gave her a warm and impromptu send-off with ‘dandiya raas’ which the ever-smiling BK Jayanti participated in with much happiness.


“It was the best experience of my life; how do we get this out to the world?”  – Bershan Shaw, Actress and Entrepreneur

“It was what the soul needed; I and my delegation felt so refreshed.”
– Ambassador Erika Bennett, Ghana, who is in Washington DC to receive an award from President Joe Biden

“It was historic, uplifting, spiritual, and entertaining something for us all to be inspired and offer hope to America.”
– Portia Davidson, Strategic and Inclusion Diversity Expert for the Government

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