WAVES International 2018 Conference at Dallas, Texas, USA


Dallas (USA) : 13th International Conference of World Association for Vedic Studies took place on August 2-5  in Brookhaven College near by the Brahma Kumaris Center here. The professors of physics, quantum mechanics, and scholars from different faculties presented and attended the conference.  The well renowned professor Ved P. Nanda, Dr. David Frawley (Vamdev Shastri), Dr. Jefferey Armstrong, prof. Narayan Komerath, Shashi Kejriwal etc. were the key-note speakers at the conference with sis.

 Sister Ranjan, Dallas center coordinator in USA Texas had an opportunity to invite the speakers, scholars, sanyasis, professors of Vedic studies from all over the world including USA and Texas. During this welcome reception for networking, each one of them were welcomed with flowers.

Raksha Bandhan at the conference: During the conference, we celebrated Raksha bandhan. Sister Ranjan tied Rakhi to each delegates with sweets and blessing. Everyone was very happy and enlightened knowing the importance and meaning of Raksha bandhan.

They all enjoyed the dinner, hospitality and atmosphere of the center. They appreciated the uplifting vibrations and considered this as an auspicious beginning of the conference. 

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