Live Telecast of Animated Film on Story of an Angel-Brahma Baba on Awakening TV

Mount Abu, India: On 18th January the 52nd Ascension Anniversary of Prajapita Brahma Baba, the Founder of Brahma Kumaris will be observed as ‘World Peace Day’ all over the world. It was on 18th January, 1969 that Prajapita Brahma left his mortal body. Special tribute will be paid to Brahma Baba in Pandav Bhawan at Tower of Peace, at Mount Abu.
There will be a live telecast of these events on Awakening Tv Channel on 17th and 18th January.
1. Sunday 17th Jan at 12noon – Animated Film about the last few days before Brahma Baba became avyakt. 
Link of MovieStory of an Angel-Brahma Baba (कहानी एक फरिश्ते की) –
2. Monday 18th Jan, 3am to 5am – Amritvela at 4 Dhaam which will be a walk through Pandav Bhavan. 30mins in each Dham. With Avyakt murlis, songs and music. Please inspire the family to experience Madhuban and can also be projected at the centre if sisters and brothers are coming for Amritvela. Link of Video – Amritvela – 
3. Monday 18th Jan, 5am to 7am – Madhuban Experience. Visuals of how Pandav bhavan is decorated with flowers. 
Link of Video – Madhuban Experience – 
Promo Video of the events –
English Subtitles will be Available.
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