Service of Youth

Just as a young sapling knows that its task is to reach for the sky, young people need to reach for the best in themselves.

The future of the world rests on the quality of human relationships and the values that underpin every aspect of social functioning. A new way of living ultimately depends on the elevated state of the human spirit. Young minds and hearts are the best places to raise awareness of spiritual values, encouraging them to take up the challenge of re-creating their inner world. It is the courage to ‘see’ things differently; ‘behave’ differently and ‘act’ differently that enables us to creatively build empowering social structures and a better world.

Accompanying young people on a journey to unearth and develop spiritual potential is an exciting and challenging process.  As well as providing opportunities through which young people learn about responsibility, relationships and decision-making, much emphasis is now being placed on the development of the inner self.

Leading from within

Spiritual growth is the basis of self empowerment.  Encouraging the development of spiritual principles and moral values helps strengthen the capacity of young people to participate with integrity and self worth, as key players within society now and as potential leaders in the future.

Additionally an essential part of spiritual growth is dialogue across generations. Through reflection, personal sharing and discussion, safe and collaborative spaces can be created in which adults and young people can learn and grow together as equals.

Successful leaders know themselves and are able to integrate spirituality into their lives. Over the last 50 years, the young adults of the Brahma Kumaris have successfully inspired and sustained the human spirit sparking creativity, excellence and healthy relationships for themselves, and within their local and national contexts. United by the shared belief, ‘When I change, the world changes’ they explore personal empowerment through creative spiritual research of values and principles at the heart of human consciousness in their annual international and national retreats.

Programmes like ‘Voices Beyond Conflict – A dialogue across generations’ and ‘Respect – Contemplation, Communication and Co-operation – an interfaith youth retreat’and Think globally, Act locally’ were launched by sustaining youth with regular meetings for open discussions and workshops.