Service in Places of Detention (Jail)

“You can’t take the divinity out of a human being. It may be distorted, disfigured or disguised but it is there. The role of those who have a spiritual dimension is to try and create a space, which has sanctity, dignity, compassion and forgiveness, where all that is divine about a person has room to flourish.” –Alan Ogier, Methodist and Free Church Superintendent for Prisons, UK

The Brahma Kumaris’ currently work within places of detention with both staff and detainees.

Serving Staff

The Brahma Kumaris recognise and appreciate the contribution which those who work within offender management make to society, often under very difficult circumstances, and offer them support in a variety of ways. Value-based seminars, workshops and courses are provided on such themes as Stress and Anger Management, Positive Living, Self Management Leadership and Meditation.

Serving Detainees

The bulk of the Brahma Kumaris work within centres of detention has been with detainees. It has been found that they respond well to practical courses in positive thinking, meditation and self-esteem, through which they are able to re-evaluate their approach to life and make meaningful and useful changes. Such courses complement the existing available services.

The teaching activities are backed up by a variety of books and tapes, a number of which may be available, in some countries, from prison libraries.

“Before meditation came along I was dumbfounded and confused. The BK teachings turned my outlook around. I am now more conscious of being a child of God the Supreme Soul. I am more detached from all that I see and yet so deeply in love that every moment seems to be living life from within the meditation, seeing nothing but good at every second.” —Julian, a 17-year practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation, recently paroled after serving 27 years in a Florida prison.

In some countries, Meditation and Positive Thinking Courses, Spirituality in Offender Management have been incorporated into the training programme for the Prisoners and Jail Staff.