3-Day Online Media Conference | Media Ethics & Social Responsibility | 22 to 24 May


Maunt Abu (RJ) : Please Join us for an 3-day ONLINE Conference ‘Media Ethics & Social Responsibility’ hosted by the Media Wing of Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu. From 22nd to 24th May 2020.  

Please Watch all sessions Live on  Awakening TV, YouTube & FaceBook and other Social Platforms.This is a great opportunity for Godly Service. You are requested to circulate among others through all social media groups (WhatsApp, YouTube and FaceBook etc..) and encourage all for participation. For more information, please contact BK Shantanu, HQ Coordinator, Media wing, RERF, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Cellphones: 9414156615 (Whatsapp), Email : mediawing@bkivv.org.

YouTube LIVE Links – https://tiny.cc/bkmedia2020
Awakening TV Website: https://awakeningtv.in/
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