31st Anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia:  The Government of India released a postage stamp dedicated to Dadi Janki ji on April 12, 2021. It was an act of appreciation of the vastness of spiritual social service carried out by the Brahma Kumaris for more than 84 years. A sequence of the postage stamp presentations have been continuing since then in many cities of India and across the world. A few weeks ago, a special ceremony was held at the Consulate General of India in St. Petersburg. And on May, 27, the stamp was introduced at a special festival event in Lighthouse.
The month of May, and especially its last week, carry a great historical, cultural and spiritual significance world-wide. It has always been an important period in the history of St. Petersburg as well. The city was founded by Peter the Great in May, 1703. And Baba’s coming here in May, 1990, became the starting point of the Brahma Kumaris service in this city as well as in many other cities of Russia and other countries. The last week of May is also famous in the world for Buddha’s having reached his nirvana stage. It is a matter of special happiness for Buddhist souls. And the story of Satya Narayan is also narrated in this last week of the month. All these memorable events fill this time with a very special kind of energy. So it was not by chance that the doors of Lighthouse opened on May, 27, to welcome very loving and cooperative souls, dignitaries of the area, who have been unconditionally supporting Baba’s activities in this city during all these years.
Mr. Anton Polyansky, deputy chairperson of Vyborgsky district administration of St. Petersburg, and Prof. Alexander Shabrov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a leading cardiologist, became chief guests at the event. They joined Didi Santosh for the ceremony of presenting beautifully decorated albums with the enlarged picture of the postage stamp in Dadi’s memory.
A video film “The Eternal Shine of Kindness” enabled the audience to get merged in sweet memories of Dadi’s visits to St. Petersburg in the previous years. And a new cook book “The Golden Spoon” published by the Brahma Kumaris centre became a special treat for everyone! It is not by chance that this large and colourful edition (in Russian, so far) is dedicated to Dadi ji. Dadi was a perfect example of the soul and body balance. She was very particular about the food for the soul that we take in the form of our thoughts. No waste thoughts that drain our energy should be there in our diet! And similarly, she was very particular about every minor detail in terms of our physical food. Therefore a special effort had been made to prepare “The Golden Spoon” cook book dedicated to the first anniversary of Dadi’s ascension. It contains words of gratitude for Dadi and lots of simple, yet subtle aspects of the complete culture of food, that of earning, purchasing, cutting, cooking, offering to God and then serving.
The warm family atmosphere of the sneh-milan inspired the participants to share their hearty feelings and sweet memories of visiting Mount Abu for “Peace of Mind” retreats or meeting Dadi ji in this city. Dadi’s loving drishti surely was there throughout the event, showering love and blessings upon all of us!
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