“Listen to the Science, the People and the Planet” : Brahma Kumaris Join Interfaith Prayer


 Manila (Philippines):  Religions for Peace, Manila Church People Ecumenical Fellowship and UniHarmony Partners Manila got together on “Listen to the Science, the People and the Planet” Interfaith Forum and Prayer for COP27.
Dr. Lilian J. Sison, an Environmental Scientist Director, UST Office of International Relations and Program President, Religions for Peace Philippines was the resource person who identified practical ways how the faith-based community can contribute to reduce the worsening impact of climate change.
This was followed by an interfaith/ecumenical prayer where Brahma Kumaris joined other leaders from different faith traditions and beliefs. Specifically, *Brahma Kumaris offered reflection* “As we gather here to support the COP27, let us continue to keep our attitude of gratitude, concern for humanity and care for the planet. Let us stay
still for some minutes and remember the greatest gifts that we have received – that of the light in each one of us and God’s light! ” followed by Tina Diaz’ original composition of “Light of My Life”.
Thanks always to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for hosting the event and to the able program management of UPM Coordinator Bong Baybado and LDS Public Relations Director Haidi Fajardo!

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