All India Educator’s Conference on Values & Spirituality for Overcoming Challenges at Godly Rajyoga Retreat Centre, Puri


Puri (OD): All India Education wing’s annual meeting & Retreat was held at Godly Rajyoga Retreat Centre (GRC), Puri from 1st Nov to 4th Nov 2019. During the Retreat/Programme an Educator’s Conference was held on 3rd Nov 2019 at GRC campus on the theme “Values & Spirituality for Overcoming Challenges” which was inaugurated in presence of the renowned educationist and local educators as well as dignitaries of different streams of education.

Addressing the Conference as a keynote speaker Rajyogini B.K. Suman, National Co-Ordinator, Education Wing, RERF,Mount Abu  emphasized on the learning to know, learning to do, learning to be good and learning to live together. She told that the people in the world mostly identify themselves on the basis of their profession means what they are doing but we have to identify ourselves as a spirit, a light, a living being. She also told that spiritual education creates divine virtues among the people which promote to be good citizen.

As the Chief Speaker of conference Rajyogi Dr.B.K. Pandiamani Director,Value Education & Spirtuality,Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu told that in present education system there is no wisdom and the quality of education degrading day by day. He also told that through value education and spirituality, the education system will be more qualitative and effective. It must be taken as compulsory subject in educational curriculum for the upliftment of the society because spirituality makes us to live in present with discipline manner.

Addressing the Conference as an Honoured Guest Prof. Dr. Madhumita Das, Vice Chancellor, Fakir Mohan University,Balasore told that bookish knowledge is not enough for a teacher, there must be inner passion for teaching . She also told that if the standard of education will go down then the society will automatically be collapsed. So to uplift the society value education must be included in our educational system.

As an Honoured Guest of the Conference Prof. Dr. B.C. Guru, Advisor, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar in his words of wisdom stated that the role of PPBKIVV for upliftment of society through selfless service is praiseworthy.He also told that we should  approach Govt. to make Rajyoga Meditation room in every educational institution to rise concentration power among the students.

B.K. Mukesh, Associate Prof. JCERC Engineering College, Jaipur presenting his Thought Lab technique on Rajyoga Meditation and shared his experience about “Rajyoga Thought Laboratory” initiated by him where more than 200 students get bene

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