Brahma Kumaris Covered in American Print Media!

Mount Abu/Washington DC: The print media of USA have started recognising and appreciating the service done by the Brahma kumaris in the west. For the first time in the history of print media in the USA, 3 of the magazines in popular circulation have featured articles with photos on the cover page that detail the story of transformation by Brahma Kumaris which started in America way back in 1974.
1. The Eden Magazine – reaches out to 1 million readers (print & online combined).
2. ‘The OWL magazine – A sacred stories publishing  –  An award-winning conscious book publisher and multi-media company with a core-level inspiration to provide a forum for bringing Divine wisdom into the mainstream.
3. Meditation Magazine – 60,000 subscribers from around the Globe – Dedicated to teaching the art of meditation.
This is to inform  that Godlywood Studio has been in collaboration with Sis. Jenna – Director of Brahma Kumaris, Washington DC – and ‘America Meditating’ – A Media concern for Godly Service. Om Shanti Album which featured Grammy Winner Ricky Kej and Sis. Jenna was created in collaboration with Godlywood studio. Moreover, Sister Jenna has been one of the mainstay speakers and promoter of the Godlywood Show ‘Light of Knowledge-International’ and many upcoming collaborative shows with Godlywood Studio.
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