Brahma Kumaris Deliberate on ‘Holistic Development of Women’ at E-Conference


Mount Abu (RJ): The Women’s Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation in collaboration with the Brahma Kumaris hosted an E-Conference of women for two days. The theme of the first session on the second day was ‘Holistic Development of Women‘.

BK Sudesh, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Europe, in her remarks said that a woman doesn’t become ‘Laxmi,’ the goddess of wealth, after she gets married, but she is born one. Parents and society needs to understand this fact. Woman means the power of man. When an individual becomes conscious of its real self, the distinction of male and female ceases to exist.  It is important to develop this right perspective through soul knowledge and perform all actions with this consciousness.  She quoted many famous women such as Meerabai and Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi to prove that women are no less powerful, be it in the spiritual or temporal world.

Dr. Seema Rao, First Woman Commando Trainer of India and called The Wonder Woman of India, said that the sky is the limit for women.  Girl children must explore sports along with studies, as it makes them strong and confident.  She talked about attitudes women need to have in various roles they play in life. She should demand her right to work and equality. She encouraged women to go beyond their fears.

BK Sudha, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Russia, said that to become a harmonious personality, balanced development in all the five aspects of life — physical, mental, social,  intellectual and spiritual — is a must. In the holistic development of women lies the progress of family and society.

Kalyani Sharan, Chairperson of State Women Commission, Jharkhand; BK Dr. Savita, Head Quarters Coordinator of Women Wing, and Dr. Damini Mehta, Singer, Ahmedabad, shared their insights on the topic.

The concluding session of the E-conference on the topic “Values for Social Change” was addressed by BK Sharda, National Coordinator, Womens Wing, Ahmedabad; BK Poonam, Subzone Incharge, Jaipur (Rajapark); Ms. Pragya Prasun, Founder, Atijeevan Foundation, Bengaluru; Mrs. Alokananda Roy, renowned Artist and Social Activist; Mrs. Mugdha Sinha, IAS, Secretary of Art, Literature, Culture & Archaeology Department, Rajasthan; Mrs. Ekktta Sinha, Features Head, Rajasthan Patrika, Delhi, and BK Asmita Singer, Kolkata.

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