Certificate of Appreciation to Brahma Kumaris from Mayor of Elk Grove & Representative of California State Assembly


Sacramento, CA(US): BK Sister Vedanti and BK Sister Deepti traveled to Sacramento, where the Brahma Kumaris “PAUSE FOR PEACE” initiative was introduced to a large gathering of members and leaders of Sacramento’s spiritual, interfaith, and inter-culture communities.

The event was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Sacramento and lovingly coordinated, planned and hosted by leaders of the International World Peace Rose Gardens, United Nations Association of Sacramento, Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento, Community and Faith Partners of Peace, and the Sacramento Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center. Souls from the interfaith and peace-related organizations were graciously treated to a light vegetarian meal, colorful performances by Aztec and Hmong dancers, an Interfaith ceremony, and candle lighting ceremony. Leaders from different faiths and peace partners participated in the celebration and ceremonies.

Interfaith Ceremony Participants included BK Sister Vedanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Africa; BK Deepti from Africa; BK Hansa, Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris center in Sacramento; Mr. Akram Keval from SALAM Islamic Center; Ms. Carol Loew from Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region; Bishop Ron Allen from Greater Solomon Temple Community Church; Sue Ramsden from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Rev. James Trapp from Spiritual Life Center; Ms. Rachel Lyman from Interfaith Pioneers; Darshan Mundy from Sikh West Sacramento Gurdwara; Rev. Lucy Bunch from Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento; Diana Rudé from Congregation B’nai Israel; Serene Erby from Greater Sacramento Baha’is; Rev. Laura Hansen, Non-Denominational Minister; BK Vinod from India; Cindy Wang & Yee Kwong , Buddhist Representatives, Fo Guang Shan Bodhi Temple.

Guests then had the opportunity to experience a journey to the source of kindness for emotional calm and mental clarity through Sister Vedanti’s vivid description of life as a Brahma Kumari in Africa. The ceremony participants were given a rose with a quality on it and they were asked to share their thoughts on the quality they received.

Sister Hansa sharing her thoughts on love and Sisters Vedanti and Sister Deepti continued to offer divine sustenance and deeply move souls as they both shared stories and meditations on the true meaning of peace.

Sister Vedanti shared her spiritual journey and explained how making a pause before doing anything helped her succeed. She advised “Every step in life don’t speak quick and don’t think quick”. She said it’s important to experience peace within. She also described how to connect peace to your day-to-day activities like drink water with peace, eat food with peace etc. Sister Deepti shared about how the Pause for Peace project started in Africa and how well people responded to that.

Mohamed Umbashi, Field Representative for California State Assembly Member Ken Cooley presented Certificate of Appreciate to BK Sister Vedanti for her commitment to peace and educating others about peace. 

Elk Grove, Mayor, Stane Ly presented a Certificate of Appreciation to BK Sister Vedanti for her contribution for peace services.

About 30 faith leaders, Peace Partners, Aztec and Hmong Dancers received a Pause for Peace frame from Sister Vendanti.

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