Creating a Climate for Change: World Peace Meditation Program in Miami


Miami, Florida ( USA ): “Creating a Climate for Change” was the theme for the third Sunday World Meditation program organized by Brahma Kumaris in Florida commemorating Earth Day.
BK Meredith interviewed three environmental change-makers. One thing they all shared was the need to change our individual and collective consciousness about the planet.
Kate Fleming, Founder and Executive Director of the Bridge Initiative, designs collaborative public projects with artists and scientists. With the placement of a live webcam in Miami’s busy seaport, “Coral City” and Oval (a fish) have become lockdown sensations. MJ Algarra, Founder and Executive Director, Clean This Beach Up, described “eco-anxiety,” the heartbreaking feeling of seeing trash in the oceans. “We love where we live, and we want to protect what we love.” Beginning with MJ’s personal efforts, more than 3,000 volunteers have helped clean up Miami’s beaches.
Jane Thayer, Program Manager for Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE) oversees a residency program designed to “empower artists to think creatively and critically about their relationship to the environment.” BK Waddy observed that all three presenters were moved from their own qualities of love and appreciation of inner stillness to express those qualities through their projects. An overview of the BK Environment Initiative was also presented and everyone joined together for World Peace Meditation, experiencing the power of the gathering and harmony with nature even in a virtual format.
Click here to tune into the recording of this session.


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