Dadi Janki – The Living Legend


Dadi Janki is an empowering​ leader renowned ​in ​the world for her depth of wisdom and the power of her presence. She is the Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris, an organisation of students and volunteers working for world change through a worldwide network of centres in more than 100 countries.

For eight decades, Dadi has dedicated her life to serving humanity. She has travelled to over 110 countries, and crossed all barriers of status, race, religion and creed. Now at 101 years of age, Dadi still maintains a demanding touring and lecturing schedule, meeting hundreds of thousands of people each year, from grass roots level to CEO’s and government leaders, inspiring them to create a better life for themselves and make a contribution to a better world.

Dadi is a designated ‘Keeper of Wisdom’, one of an eminent group of leaders convened to advise the Earth Summit in Brazil. She has addressed​​ the United Nations on various occasions. She is also the patron of several organisations including the Janki Foundation which promotes human values within the health care professions, and she is the recipient of numerous honours and awards. In 2004 Dadi was awarded the Medal of independence by the King of Jordan for her humanitarian work. Dadi is well aware of the challenges of the time, and her overarching message is clear: When we change, the world can change.

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