Goa Brahma Kumaris Help State Administration With Covid-19 Relief Efforts


Panaji (Goa): The Brahma Kumaris of Goa contributed 15 volunteers to help the state government in its efforts to contain the Coronavirus epidemic.  Special masks were made and given to R Menaka, Collector, North Goa, by BK Vinanti.  Mask prepared by Brahma Kumaris were also distributed at the  Panaji Collector Office and the Mamlatdar Office of Canacona. Other than this, services were offered at other places, too, such as food packaging, etc.

Since daily classes are closed at all Brahma Kumaris centers, guidance is given on telephone by the BK teachers to members of the Divine BK family.  Collective vibrations through meditation are being generated for a healthy environment, free of Corona virus.

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