Happy New Year – 2021 Message from the Brahma Kumaris


Special Greetings of the New Year!
There is a longing in the world for reassurance and hope as we move into the year ahead. Many of us are reeling from loss, fatigued by the restrictions of the quarantine and worried about the future. We are hoping for a spiritual lift.
Though we often make New Year’s resolutions, we sometimes limit our success by continuing to act from our old natures. We resolve to lead a simpler life, for example, but we fail to remove our inner habit of wanting and buying. So, in the new year, for the benefit of humanity and of the natural world, let’s come together to invoke a new era, by clearing our hearts of what has restrained us in the past and calling in the light and strength from our higher, wiser selves and from God.
Can we set aside the harm others may have caused us and invoke good wishes and pure feelings for everyone? Can we shorten the list of things we want and locate a deep contentment with what we have? And, acknowledging the sadness we have felt in the face of irretrievable loss, can we apply the empathy that came from our loss and resolve to live with compassion for everyone?
May the opening of our hearts bring waves of inner peace, good wishes and blessings for the world and invoke an age of truth and peace.
With pure good wishes for the new year,

The Brahma Kumaris

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