India Day Celebrations in Moscow, Russia


Moscow: Indian Business Alliance, Moscow, along with few other Indian companies based in Moscow have organized “Day of India”  celebrations in one of the most beautiful parks of Moscow. The programme was organised as a part of the Independence Day Celebrations. The programme was supported by the Department of Culture, Government of Moscow.

A beautiful Cultural performance by the students of Brahma Kumaris added the spiritual beauty to the inaugural function and spread the spiritual fragrance of purity, peace and happiness to the auditorium. The students presented a beautiful Dance of Freedom and performed two Hindi songs “Sada khush raho” and “Ham swarg dhara par layenge” – “Always be happy” and “We create heaven on earth”.

Didi Sudha, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Moscow has addressed the audience with congratulatio​n​s explaining the meaning of the ancient name of India – Bharat. The word means “full and prosperious”. This was the original state of India and the whole world at that time which is remembered as the Golden Age and Paradise. As everything in the universe is cyclic the Heaven is destined to come again. This becomes possible with God’s help and our sincere effort. Sister Sudha wished everyone to return to their original state of purity and divinity and thus bring heaven on earth again.

Thousands of Muscovites, children, youth and aged, people from all walks of life, attended the mega event with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Indian Business and Cultural Community in Moscow, actively participated to make the multi-faceted event successful. Visitors were received with a lot of brotherly love, smiles and with a Tilak.

During the Day of India celebrations, Brahma Kumaris have had an open exhibition and discourse on the Ancient Raja Yoga Meditation and also had other activities. Hundreds of people received benefit. Everyone was given the understanding of soul, Supreme Soul and the attainments through the practice of Ancient Raja Yoga Meditation in the modern world. People left home with happy hearts!

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