Interfaith Celebration at Los Angeles Islamic Center


Los Angeles(USA): Brahma Kumaris was recently invited to an interfaith celebration at the Islamic Center Los Angeles​, USA​ on Sunday, June 11th for a panel discussion on the fasting significance practiced by different faith/religious groups.

Interfaith Gathering in the Holy Month of Ramadan On Sunday, June 11th , the Brahma Kumaris were invited by the Islamic Center of Los Angeles to participate in a panel that discussed the significance of fasting traditions practiced by different faith/religions. There were 8 panelists who represented the Zoroastrian, Buddhism, Vedanta, Sikhism, Jewish, Christianity, Islam and Brahma Kumaris faiths. About 150 participants from the various faith groups were present in the gathering.

The event started with a short welcome from Jihad Turk, the director of the Islamic Center of Los Angeles. He explained the significance of observing fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, eating kosher food and offering iftar (meals) to others as a form of charity and humility. Then event then continued with the sharing of each panelist on their fasting practices. Sister Vino from Los Angeles represented the Brahma Kumaris and shared on the satvic diet principle that the Brahma Kumaris practice and the life-long ‘fasting’ from wasteful thinking in order to keep a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Brother Dennis and Sister Kristina also represented the Brahma Kumaris in the gathering. Further, the participants asked questions to the panelists regarding their fasting traditions. Many were impressed with the Brahma Kumaris on their simple lifestyle yet profound character.

They were touched by the simple approach of the Brahma Kumaris as Sister Vino emphasized ‘being the mother of my inner child’ where we need to be observant of our internal world of emotions and needs. She shared on how ‘We don’t see the world through a window, but we see the world through a mirror’ which translates to how much the view of the world is a relative subject which depends on each one’s perspectives. Thus, keeping positive and clear perspectives about the self can greatly influence how we perceive society and other various faiths. Sister Vino shared on how the genuine purpose of everyone is the same despite the differences in the customs and traditions that each one follows. Our unified purpose is to reach our purest self and connect with the highest Being/God.

In the end, they personally expressed their gratitude to Sister Vino on how they were inspired to be more conscious of their thoughts and life-style practices so they can improve their inner wellbeing. The event ended with the breaking of Ramadan fasting and everyone were served Iftar (meals) by the Islamic Center of Los Angeles.

Attached are the report and the photos.​ 

 Interfaith Gathering in the Holy Month of Ramadan.pdf 


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