‘International Excellence Award 2020’ to Sister BK Payal in Trinidad & Tobago


San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago: Sister BK Payal was honoured by ‘International Excellence Award 2020’ in the World Inter-Faith Peace Conference’ organised by Word Organisation for Peace(WOFP) in Madrid, Spain. This award was conferred to BK Payal for her contribution to the upliftment of global cultural and human values and the promotion and protection of World Peace and Harmony.

This Award with a citation was given to BK Payal by President of WOFP Mr Carlos Peralta and Founder of Nisha Foundation Priyanka Kothari and Bhaskar Prakash

On this occasion, Rajyogini BK Payal said that it is necessary for world peace and Harmony to work together in harmony for all religions, classes and communities. Religion should not come in the way of development of society, for this it is necessary that the religious leader should tell their followers that religion has always taught to live together in harmony, all religions pave the way for development. All religions and communities teach humanity, religion is not opposed to development; development becomes a boon when the foundation is based on Spirituality. There can be no place of violence, hatred in the field of religion. Through dialogue, every problem can be solved by sitting together. For that, it is first necessary that, we should respect other’s existence and ideas like self existence and ideas.

BK Payal said that Indian culture is pluralistic culture. Unity in Diversity is the fundamental feature of the country. Religious Harmony is its main mantra. When the religious leaders and the heads of different religions of society will give the message of religious harmony from one platform, then it will definitely have an impact.

WOFP President Mr Carlos Peralta said that BK Payal has set an example in the field of World Peace Empowerment and Inter-Religious dialogue. It is a ray of hope for the world public, who is always striving to end the terrorism, violence and discrimination of the world.

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