“Meditation for Prosperity” – Public Talks in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Sao Paulo,Brazil ( South America ): The BK Family in Brazil had the fortune of BK Sister Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Europe and the Middle East, with them for four days, during which a very rich experience and great service were offered to BKs, souls in connection, and the general public.

An interview was organized in Sao Paulo on the topic “Peace and Sustainability through Spirituality” between BK Jayanti and Journalist Maura Campelini.

On the topic “Meditation for Prosperity,” a public talk was held in Latin America Memorial Hall in Sao Paulo, in which nearly 600 people attended the lecture along with Mrs. Celia Leão, Secretary for Disabled People affairs of the State of São Paulo Government.

The event included a presentation by Marcus Viana, a renowned Brazilian musician; a performance by BK Alex Pochat, playing the sitar; a dance by BK Goreth Dunningham, and sharing by BK Ken.

The final meditation was conducted on the stage by BK Sister Luciana Ferraz, along with BK Sister Jayanti, BK Ken and other BK Teachers.

A class for BKs was held on the topic “Freedom and Power” and a meeting with contact people on the topic “How Simplicity and Consciousness Have an impact on Climate Change” was held at the BK Center in São Paulo.  BK Jayanti was interviewed by Mrs. Vania Bueno, with 60 IP and VIP contacts attending the meeting.

A retreat on the topic “Return to the Source” was held at the Eldorado Hotel in Atibaia, with nearly 300 BKs from different parts of Brazil and abroad who celebrated 40 years of BK service in Brazil.

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