Member of Parliament Inaugurates Rajayoga Meditation Camp in Bhimavaram


Bhimavaram (AP): The Brahma Kumaris of Bhimavaram conducted a program of Intense Rajayoga Meditation Camp (Yog Tapasya Bhatti) for Brahma Kumars and Kumaris in the West Godavari District with Senior Rajayogi BK Raju, Vice Chairperson of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing from Mount Abu.

It was attended by Mr. Raghu Ram Krishnam Raju, Honorable Member of Parliament as Chief Guest; BK Savita, Director of Warangal and Coastal Andhra Zone; BK Murthy, Senior Rajayogi from Warangal; BK Sumanth, Head Quarters Coordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development wing from Mount Abu; and Mrs. Guduri Uma Bala, YSR Congress Party Leader as Special Guests; along with members of the Brahma Kumaris Centres from across the district in large numbers.

BK Raju, Senior Rajayogi from Mount Abu, welcomed all the participants with best wishes and encouraged everyone to find some time daily to do Rajayoga Meditation. He said that the Rajayoga practice means, “To establish relationship with Supreme Soul, God, receiving divine energy to make the soul powerful. This helps us to have self control over all our physical and sensory organs, thereby the mind becomes tranquil and the intellect sharp.”

On this occasion Mr. Raghu Ram Krishnam Raju stated, “Presently, soul consciousness is mostly needed for the political leaders more than the common man. The moment eyes the are closed for meditation, all the wrong deeds committed come flooding in the Mind.” Therefore, he proposed that all the parliament members be invited to Mount Abu to learn Rajayoga Meditation, and that will help them very much.

The program was presided over by BK Revathi, the Centre in Charge of Brahma Kumaris in Bhimavaram.

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