The Story of Prajapita Brahma- Founder of Brahma Kumaris


Prajapita Brahma popularly known as Brahma Baba, the first human medium of God Shiva, relinquished his mortal body and ascended to his angelic stage of consciousness on January 18, 1969 at the age of 93 years.

A diamond merchant from Hyderabad- Sind. Dada Lekhraj, was called by an inner voice, to an extraordinary task. Visions of the divine power drew him from his worldly life. In 1936, at the age of 60 Dada Lekhraj experienced a series of inspiring visions which, he felt, called to dedicate his life to God and the moral and spiritual transformation of this world.  Many others were similarly called to the divine task and gathered at his home where the experiences intensified and the teachings began. The ‘Incorporeal Supreme Soul’ named him “Brahma”, and began to speak through him, thus was born an unusual school which taught purity, meditation and spiritual awareness. For 14 years they practiced intensive meditation and studied spiritual disciplines.

Soon after the Indian Independence in 1950, they left Pakistan and settled at the present headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Brahma Baba laid the foundations for women to claim their rights to lead a life of spiritual practice and service, to develop their inner powers and knowledge. Thus he prepared an army of spiritual teachers who train, educate, sustain and support hundreds of thousands of men and women to enjoy lives of family happiness and freedom.

This is a story of an unusual man. His name was Lekhraj – a successful self-made businessman, a family man and a pillar of his community. A charisma surrended him like a glow. One felt even from afar the love, the modesty, the sincerity of his natures. There was an unforgettable magnetic attraction in his eyes. His face was broad and commanding, his forehead high. He stood like a rock, the symbol of solidarity and dependability in this unstable world.

A sign post: He rose to be a famous jeweller of his time. He had business connections with several royal families of the then princely states of India and the British Viceroy. After his adoption as a medium by Shiva, the Supreme, he got the name ‘Prajapita Brahma’ one befitting his new role. Everyone lovingly called him Baba. From 1936 to 1969 every morning he played his divine role as the corporeal medium for the Supreme Soul to reveal Himself as the spiritual parent of all humanity.

Made leaders of women : Societal upliftment involves social reforms. Baba noted that women as a class, were the most oppressed, who silently suffered due to outdated and unjust customs. He constituted a Trust of Women and bequeathed all his movable and immovable properties to this Trust, with the avowed objective of utilizing the same for imparting moral and spiritual education and developing ways and means for the upliftment of all people. Soon he became instrumental for the establishment of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya so that interested aspirants could be given regular and systematic teaching.

Direction to youth : Through, his guidance, the young realized that spiritual knowledge is not meant for leisure of aged people, but it is the foundation of a high quality working style of life and should therefore be inculcated from early age. They were inspired to adopt simplicity, service and sacrifices as their motto of life and purity as its most effective means.

Teachings :  His acts and way of life were very inspiring and full of dignity. One who sat in his presence and listened to the elevating Godly discourage delivered through him got a strong inspiration to adopt a viceless, holy life. He educated, inspired and guided people in inculcating human values in their personal and professional lives. He emphasized the concept of world brotherhood and freeing the mind from all kinds of bias or prejudices. His teaching encouraged liberalism and tolerance in religion.

His legacy : His legacy is an international University, recognized  by the Untied Nations, respected worldwide for the purity and integrity of its spiritual education and is the recipient of numerous  awards for national and international service.

Brahma Baba was a great visionary who gave the people a fascinating g new world vision. He was indeed a maharaja of his indriyas (sense organ) and a consummate yoga who was far ahead of others.

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