UN Climate Change Conference COP27 Begins in Egypt


Egypt (Africa): More than 25,000 delegates, 200 heads of state and ministers are coming together for the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, a famous holiday resort at the red sea.

Brahma Kumaris is an accredited observer organisation represented at the conference by an experienced delegation.

On the first day of COP27, the Interfaith Gathering in the Spirit of Talanoa Dialogue brought together more than 90 from different faith traditions at
the Coptic Church in Sharm el Sheikh premises, and a good number followed the event online. The participants discussed solutions for climate change in the context of their faith traditions, sharing the values that bind us together as a human family. The workshops discussed topics such as love, cooperation, and resilience.

“We will be successful in climate change mitigation and adaptation to the extent that we are able to change ourselves,” said Maureen Goodman from Brahma Kumaris. “Spiritual resources give us strength and resilience, and we know we will need much more of that in the future.” She also stressed the importance of non-violence “to lead us from violence and dominance towards stewardship and respect.”

“As people of faith, we have a huge responsibility to engage with those in economic and political power,” said Karimi Kinoti from Christian Aid. She appreciated the Talanoa format as “bringing voices forward who are not always heard in mainstream debate.”

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