Religious Leaders Congregation Attended by Brahma Kumaris in Jaipur

Jaipur, Jan 31: A congregation was organised at Hotel Indiana Grand, C-Scheme, Jaipur for religious worship. Topic of that congregation was “Role of religious leaders in maintaining communal harmony and love”. The whole program was religiously oriented. Various religious leader were assembled and enlighted people about religious coexistence and cooperation.
Senior teacher of Sodala centre, Jaipur, BK Sneh was also invited and she attended the congregation. After listening to everyone carefully she presented her views on religious cooperation. She consisely summarised how “Brahma Kumari World Spiritual Organisation” is working to make people happier. She told how can we remain calm and satisfied in this turbulent world.

Brother BK Shyam Sundar gave his view on purity. He said “If you are pure, it means no one can disturb you”.
A positive interaction between people of different religions concluded with sense of happiness, joy and integrity. 
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