Amidst the Problems, It’s Our Responsibility to Remain Brave and Fearless


Amidst the Problems, It’s Our Responsibility to Remain Brave and Fearless

All our feelings get influenced by our thoughts. Our health gets affected. Our every thought goes to many around us, and fourth, our thoughts are vibrations that influence the atmosphere all over.  Our thoughts affect the air, water and nature itself. Along with fruits, vegetables, plants, water, air and everything are affected by the vibrations of fear.

Generally we say, “from which place, village or city you drink the water?” The quality of water influences our resolve (Sanskars) because water directly affects our mind and body.  We talk about air pollution which affects our lungs. But the vibrations carried by air show its effect on our mind.

Say there are 4 persons living in a house. Air is common for all of them. If they are creating an atmosphere of fear at home, the air gets filled with the vibrations of fear. Anyone drinking water kept in there, will get the effect of fear. That is why it is said that where anger exists, the earthen pot with water also gets broken there.

If fear persists in the mind, water kept at home gets polluted with vibrations of fear. We go to a temple or spiritual place to get a spoonful of holy water. What is there in that water? Someone filled that water with his pure positive thoughts in memory of God. We receive it in our palm, remember God and take it in our mouth, thereby we receive, of course, divine vibrations of God. It contains a few leaves of Tulasi, a sacred plant. Still that also is only water. We can as well take those Tulasi leaves and water at home itself but we cannot put the divine vibrations of God in it. So we go to temple for that holy water. If such a small spoonful of water becomes Sacred Nectar by mere thought in memory of God, then how much negative vibrations of fear we must be getting by drinking glass fulls of water kept at home.

When we say, why vegetables and fruits are loosing health-giving powers in them, we say that they contain lots of chemicals. That is true, but along with the chemicals they also carry too much effect of our emotional peacelessness.

Nature is getting influenced more and more by our negative emotional thoughts. We see that the situation is there, problem is there, but to manage and to put an end to all this for better change, we have only one normal option: that is, we must become Brave enough to face the challenge. We must be careful at the same time to see that while saving ourselves from this pandemic, we are not trekking towards any physical, mental, environmental problems, or disturbed relationships.

So we must remain stable, peaceful and — most important — bold and brave in any situation. When everything is fine with me, a little fear in me will not be harmful. But when I am in trouble I must not get afraid even a bit; instead I must remain powerful. This is my normal state. Repeat this thought daily, “I must now be Brave and Fearless, this is my responsibility. At the moment this is the normal thinking for me and I must start working on it.”

The equation in our life, which we all know from our childhood, we have to bring back to our mind once again, “Determination leads to Success.” Now whatever is taking place we are thinking about it. But the equation must be, “As we think, so it would happen.” We have seen it happening in life; if anything breaks at home once, next something else falls and breaks again. It becomes our notion to think that something may fall, something may break and such thoughts become normal for us. Thus, chances of things falling and breaking in life increase multi-fold. In the evening you return home quite tired. That is true. Then we start thinking that I am tired, I am too tired. Soon we feel that our tiredness increases more. It is because, as we think so, it becomes. We must never think about what is true [i.e., ordinary state of mind]. Today’s thoughts become a reality for tomorrow. Instead, if we think, “I am perfect. I am fresh. I am quite energetic,” it becomes vibrations that we release. Our thinking gets a positive change and we really start feeling fine.
*These are the author’s personal views*
Press News: BK Shivani’s Article Published in Dainik Bhaskar
(Delhi Edition – 18/04/2020
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