Start Taking Care Of  Your Mind – An Inner Factory Of  Thoughts

Suppose we own a factory that manufactures 50,000 garments a day, it is not wise if only a fraction of them is useful while rest of them are of no use. Our mind which is our inner factory creates around 40,000 – 50,000 thoughts a day. Every thought has the potential to be transformed into a powerful force through words or actions. As owners of this inner factory, we need to ensure every thought is useful. Our life is a long chain of thoughts which come into words and behaviours. Just as a farmer thoroughly checks the quality of seeds before sowing them, we need to check our thoughts which are seeds that bear fruits as words and actions. In other words, we need to take ownership of our thought factory.

1. Your every thought has 4 impacts – it creates your feeling, it affects every cell of your body, it reaches the person about whom you think, and it radiates into the environment. So, your thoughts are connected to your emotions, health, relationships and environment.

2. Observe your thoughts for a minute after every hour and classify them into 4 categories – Positive thoughts which are thoughts of peace, love, happiness and acceptance. Negative thoughts are of ego, hurt, anger, hatred or jealousy. Necessary thoughts are related to day to day activities, without the emotions of worry, irritation, fear or anxiety. Waste thoughts are about the past, future or about other people – all of which are not in our control.

3. The first stage to empower yourself is to create pure thoughts and good wishes for everyone. Study spiritual knowledge to slow down the mind and inculcate new ways of thinking in your subconscious mind. Every thought becomes a product of your spiritual charging, since information is the biggest source of your thoughts.

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