Brahma Kumaris Address Interfaith Conference for World Peace in Varanasi


Varanasi : An Interfaith Conference for World Peace was held at a renowned Church of the East, “Bishop House,” by the Christian Missionary, in which the Brahma Kumaris were invited as Special Guest along with others from Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Muslims.

The Chief Guest of the Conference was Professor Pruthveesh Nag, former Chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidya Peeth University in Varanasi. On behalf of the Brahma Kumaris, BK Taposhi and BK Sarita participated.

Addressing all Religious Heads, all the Special Guests and the elite audience, BK Taposhi said, “The Brahma Kumaris slogan itself is, ‘One World, One World Father and One World Family.’ The One, Worshiped by all Religions in different languages, as a Point of Light, The Supreme Soul, is Shiva. He Himself is that One Father of all Human Souls. He is The One, being addressed as God, Allah, Khuda, Satguru, and so on. The entire World expects to receive Peace from Him. Since that Supreme Soul is The Ocean of Peace, The Father of the entire Mankind, being His Children our basic Nature is also Peace. Keeping this Truth in mind, if we perform all our duties, Peace in the World will be established by itself.” She further said, “Jesus Christ also preached that while performing anything for World Peace, one must first remain in Peace himself.”Professor Pruthveesh Nag, in his addressing, motivated all the followers of different religions and traditions to contribute by their virtuous activities unitedly, to restore peace in the world.

Bishop Yugen Joseph, In Charge of Bishop House, welcomed and greeted all the Guests and the audience heartily while delivering the message of Jesus Christ in Sustaining Peace in the World. Father Chandrakant, Director of Maitry Bhawan, presided over the whole function.

Along with a Buddhist Monk named Siri Sumedh, a Muslim Moula, a Sikh Granthi, and a Jain Saint presented their views as well.

At the end Bishop Yugen Joseph honoured BK Taposhi and BK Sarita by presenting Mementos.

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