CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Inaugurates Brahma Kumaris’ Anubhuti Auditorium in Bhopal


India will guide the whole world to the path of eternal peace: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan

New auditorium will make everyone feel happy and peaceful: BK Sister Jayanti 

Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh ): Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the message of Gita is that it is religion to punish those who commit atrocities and injustice. The Gita teaches to act without desiring for its results. Karma done with desire for the result, first of all affects the concentration for the work. It is necessary to motivate people to do good work continuously.

The work being done by Brahma Kumaris in this direction is commendable. Sisters are creating a wonderful era. Our India will guide the whole world to the path of eternal peace.

Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the inauguration programme of the newly constructed Anubhuti Auditorium at Sukh Shanti Bhawan of Brahma Kumaris, Neelbad, Bhopal. Chouhan said that it has been said in the Gita that a devotee who is free from attachment and ego, full of patience and enthusiasm, has similar emotions for friend and foe, honour and disgrace, happiness and sorrow, condemnation and praise, is dear to God. The education of Brahma Kumaris paves the way for a person to make life blessed and pleasurable by acquiring the knowledge of Gita.

BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris said, in the history of Bhopal, the name of this auditorium will be written in golden letters. After coming here, everyone will feel a sense of happiness and peace. Positive vibrations of energy emanating from here will prove to be effective in changing the condition and direction of life of the people.

A seminar was also organised on the topic “Gita Vritanta ki Punravritti”(Repetition of Bhagavad Gita). Vishwas Sarang, Minister of Medical Education, Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief & Rehabilitation, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, MLA, Narela (Bhopal); Former Pro-term Speaker of the Assembly and MLA Rameshwar Sharma; and BK Brijmohan, Additional General Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, were specially present.

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