Media to lead in Raising, Intervening and Questioning the Issues Related to Public


Indore: Senior journalist and media analyst, Mr.N K Singh speaking at editors conference organised by Brahma Kumaris at Gyan Shikhar said, that it is the time to change the news character by linking it to social causes. To stop media people from distancing to raise public issues due to the market impact, editors are required to take up developmental issues relating to agriculture and villages. He further said that media is required to introspect, that how much importance is being given to social causes. It should be clear that media stands by the exploited and not with the exploiter.

Baldev Sharma, the president, National Book Trust said that media is the powerful medium to raise public awareness, therefore it is required to play its role effectively. The authority of media has been diminished due to undue pressure from the market forces therefore it has become difficult to save social values. He further said that by giving positive news we get self satisfaction as well as public support so media has to be solution based instead of problem based.
Dr. Maan Singh Parmar, Chancellor, Kushabhau Thakre University of Journalism said that journalists are required to assert self- control and stressed upon inclusion of ethical values in the study course journalism. There should be media council on the pattern of medical college and law college. The Secretary General of Broadcasting Editors Association and former Managing Editor of India T V, Mr. Ajeet Anjum said that erosion of values have taken place at every level in the society. He further said, that if we want to preserve values then we have to report honestly. The role earlier played by literature to bring social transformation has now been shifted to journalism.
The National President of Media at Brahma Kumaris, B K Karuna said that to make value based society we will have to include values in our education system. He was happy to hope that such programs will be organised in other states also with the active participation of Brahma Kumaris. The Director of Brahma Kumaris Centers at Ujjain, B K Usha welcomed the guests while highlighting the personality and the role played by B K Om Prakash Ji. The Regional Coordinator of Indore Zone, B K Hem Lata made the guests to experience the taste of Rajyoga Meditation. The entire program was coordinated by Prof. Kamal Dixit.
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