The Om Yoga Show & Mind-Body-Spirit Show at Alexandra Palace, London


London: For the third year at Alexandra Palace this ‘Two in One’ Show attracted many people from London and beyond to all things esoteric and yogi!  This year there were noticeably more experiential workshop spaces, and many more small businesses offering ‘retreats’ to get away from it all:  both appeared to reflect the need of the time to experience something more and to be able to take the mind away from the stress of these times.

The BK presence and offerings were appreciated by many and a large BK team, who came to serve from many centres, engaged people with a variety of activities.  There was a BK area The Soul Connection in the Mind Body Spirit Show hall and a large BK stand in the Om Yoga Show hall. The main area offered a Meditation Space and three popular activities:  Tree of Good Wishes, Emergency Optimist and Virtue Wheel as well as the BK Publications outlet.

Many benefited from participating in each of the activities as well as many more who browsed and chatted with BK’s. ‘Met a lovely man, had a lovely chat.  He may have said some things that will have a strong impact on me.  He certainly opened my eyes.  Thank you.’

By the end of the third day there were thousands of good wishes written on ‘leaves’ and tied up on the Tree of Good Wishes:

  • I wish for contentment and Happiness for Everyone
  • Be Grateful! The things that really matter aren’t even things!
  • Be at peace with what will be
  • Keep smiling…if we smile a little bit of sunshine will rub off on others

Alongside the Tree was The Emergency Optimist activity with BK’s supporting people to create their own ‘prescriptions’ to help resolve a challenge they are facing in life with such “medicines” as Happy Heart Pills, a Highly Potent Laughter Tonic, Powers in the form of batteries and the gift of a meditation sheet for each person to take away:

  • Very thought provoking and challenging
  • Fantastic! Kind and caring souls
  • Given me food for thought
  • Delightful and refreshing
  • Emergency Optimist was amazing. Thank you…very helpful after a difficult morning
  • Lovely concept
  • Thank you for enlightening advice
  • A very enjoyable and fun way to look at my life and find a route to change and growth  Beautiful, elegant and fun!
  • I really found it very helpful and relevant  Interesting!

At the Meditation Space the set was simple with a large picture of Shiv Baba as a focal point and Meditations were held on the hour and half hour.  Some facilitators did short introductions and explanations and focused mainly on the meditation whilst others wanted the participants to have a clear understanding before meditating.   Each session had its own flow and rhythm.  Some of the topics offered were Letting Go; Garden of Inner Light; Healing Relationships; Being before Doing and Connecting with God:

  • Enjoyed the experience, nice way to start the day here.
  • An exercise I will carry on trying…at home and future..
  • Loved the meditation. Very motivating and moving.  I’m going to be the boss of me.
  • Never done before but really enjoyed
  • Very lovely thoughts to ponder about in my life moving forward. Thank you
  • Thank you for the grounding and freeing meditation
  • Letting go….very helpful and beneficial
  • Very interesting teachings on dealing with negativity from others and will take this on board  First time meditating with my eyes open…really good.
  • Enjoyed some peace amongst the noisy and hectic hall. I’ll look into the Brahma Kumaris.
  • Very easy to follow, made me feel I could achieve this at home as well
  • Natural relaxation was truly relaxing and I feel refreshed and reenergise.
  • Amazing talk. I immediately felt the benefit of letting the light in.
  • I had an amazing experience of peace and quiet meditation. I’m coming to Willesden Green!

The Virtue Wheel was ever popular often with queues running along the stand.  Many people browsed and benefited from the many books and products on sale at the BK Publications Shop at the heart of the stand.

  • Brilliant!
  • I slowly started to clear the negative feelings I had when I came in
  • Wonderful feeling of peace, energy, oneness…  Lovely, thank you. The blessing will go on my wall.
  • 10/10 very helpful and positive

The Soul Connection in the Mind Body Spirit hall engaged people to experience the power of drishti   Three yogi’s shared one minute of silent eye-contact with anyone who wished, and many were visibly moved by the experience:

  • Amazing and real experience
  • A peaceful 60 seconds. Thank you
  • Enjoyed a warm, honest connection
  • Beautiful silent experience in the midst of a busy space.
  • Soul connection was very interesting, powerful!
  • A relaxed calming minute. Surprising result
  • Well placed. I felt the good feeling as came through the door
  • I experienced this good for my mind and relaxing
  • The stillness is very grounding
  • I felt emotional and happy inside
  • Blossoming calm – after initial bouncing around
  • In the moment, mostly
  • I need to concentrate more
  • Lovely to be reminded of connecting with ourselves and other.
  • REPORT for Om Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace 20-22nd October 2017

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