Happiness Awards to Sis BK Shivani on IYD at British Parliament


London(UK): On UN International Yoga Day, Karma Foundation, International Siddhashram Shakti Centre and Sanskar TV organized International Yoga Day at British Parliament.

Mr. Ramesh Arora along with H.H. Shri Raj Rajeshwar Guruji offered the Happiness Awards to Sister BK Shivani, Sister BK Jayanti, Devi Chitralekha, Brahma Rishi Kumar Swamiji and others members in the presence of Member of Parliament Gareth Thomas, HM Queens Representative DL Mr. Simon Ovens, Harrow Mayor Councillor Nitin Parekh, Councillor Ajay Maru and Member of House of Lords Baroness Verma.

Sister Shivani spoke to gathering in the packed Grand Committee Room in the House of Commons about the responsibility of each one to bring about the happiness of satyug through the thoughts we choose. Sister Jayanti led the gathering in a very powerful meditation to close the afternoon’s beautiful celebration.

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